Hamilton Creek Interceptor, Reuse Line, and Water Line

This project involved replacement of older, deteriorated, undersized, clay interceptor lines and brick manholes with expanded PVC gravity line and concrete manholes going north from the treatment plant along Hamilton Creek and Daugherty Branch to Highway 281 in north central Burnet. The benefits are increased conveyance capacity for future growth and elimination of existing infiltration and inflow sources.

The project also includes installation of a wastewater plant effluent pressure reuse line, connections, and chlorination facilities along the same alignment as the gravity sewer to enable reuse of effluent at existing and future sites in the city and ETJ, minimization of treatment plant discharge, and conservation of potable water use and treatment capacity. The gravity sewer components consist of approximately 10,200 L.F. of 24-, 21-, and 15-inch PVC gravity sewer, 40 manholes, 4 railroad and highway bores, and existing system reconnections. The 210 reuse components consist of approximately 11,000 L.F. of 8-inch purple PVC pressure line, 4 railroad and highway bores, chlorination facilities, and reuse irrigation system connections. The project is funded through the Texas Water Development Board. Approximately 3,085 L.F. of 12-inch C-900 potable water line will also extend from the existing system to the wastewater treatment plant and include related appurtenances and a railroad bore.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering, Environmental, Design, Bid and Construction Services.