2005 Wastewater System Improvements
Granger, Texas

The City of Granger 2005 Wastewater System Improvements Project involved replacing old, deteriorated clay lines and manholes to curtail infiltration and inflow on the northwestern side of Granger. Construction included 3,254 feet of 8-inch PVC gravity line, 5 standard manholes with 4 feet of extra depth, 45 service reconnections and associated cleanouts, 1 road bore of 50 LF, 2,510 feet of flexible base and 1,000 feet of HMAC surface replacements, related trench safety, silt fencing, and curb and gutter replacements. The new PVC gravity system provides a reliable collection system in this section of Granger and a reduction in infiltration and inflow for the Granger wastewater treatment plant. The project was funded by the Texas Department of Rural Affairs.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Report, Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase, and Warranty Phase Services.