Lakeway Municipal Utility District Pressure Wastewater Extension on Sailfish Drive, Lakeway, Texas

The project faced significant constraints due to requirements from the Lower Colorado River Authority for the existing on-site systems and the close proximity to Lake Travis, lavish homes, large valuable trees, hilly terrain, narrow streets, and other landscape features. The project involved construction of 1,829 feet of 2-inch and 3-inch pressure sewer, 7 service taps, an air vacuum valve, and 4 flush valves. Extensive hand excavation for lines was necessary to mitigate the construction in close proximity to large trees, narrow streets, and other home and landscape features. The pressure sewers protect Lake Travis by enabling the elimination of inadequate on-site systems and conveying the wastewater uphill and away from Lake Travis for centralized treatment elsewhere.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering Report, Design Phase Services, Bid Phase Services, and Construction Phase Services.