Taylor Slough Lift Station Force Main
Austin, Texas

The Taylor Slough Force Main starts at the Taylor Slough Lift Station on Lake Austin, runs approximately 3,600 linear feet north on Scenic Drive, and terminates at the Taylor Branch Interceptor. The majority of class 350 ductile iron force main was installed utilizing open cut methods of construction. Trench depths ranged from 6 feet to 20 feet. A 100-foot dry bore was used when the force main was required to pass under Taylor Slough. An environmentally significant subsurface void was encountered during construction. As a result, Thonhoff Consulting Engineers developed a void mitigation plan which protected the integrity of the subsurface void while allowing force main construction to proceed.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering Report, Development Permitting, Final Design Phase Services, Bid Phase Services, Construction Phase Services including Resident Project Representation, and Construction Mediation/Litigation Services.