Todd Lane Material Recycling Facility Expansion
Austin, Texas

This project involved expanding the City of Austin’s Material Recycling Facility (MRF) from 1 ton per hour to 10 tons per hour. Thonhoff Consulting Engineers (TCE) surveyed the existing site and revised the existing site plan to construct the new MRF on the existing parking lot. All City and environmental permitting requirements were conducted for this site. Detention and water quality facilities were redesigned to accept the expanded site. The City of Austin selected the base recycling equipment (a commingled container sorting system and horizontal baling system) and TCE designed the site to accept this equipment, including structural piers and hoppers, electrical power, and structural steel storage bins.

After the equipment was installed, a pre-engineered metal building was custom fabricated using TCE’s design and layout, and then constructed to house the new equipment. The building included lighting and ventilation. Other site improvements included a truck scale, structural steel bracing for the paper hopper, fire protection improvements, and an additional paved storage area design and hoist and crane design.

The project was designed on a fast-track schedule to initiate start-up of the recycling equipment immediately upon installation and to maintain operations during construction of the building housing and other site improvements.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering, Site Development Permitting, Final Design Phase Services, Bid Phase Services, and Construction Phase Services.