Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
Burnet, Texas

The Burnet Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements project involves expanding and enhancing the capability of the existing 20 mg/l BOD, 20 mg/l TSS, 0.726 mgd plant. The new plant will be a 5 mg/l CBOD, 5 mg/l TSS, 2 mg/l NH3-N, 6 mg/l Total Nitrogen, 0.5 mg/l Total Phosphorus (with the capability of treating to and below 0.15 mg/l), 5 mg/l Dissolved Oxygen, or better, 1.7 mgd average/6.8 mgd peak flow plant with the new separate treatment stream constructed adjacent to the existing plant.

The proposed construction includes headworks with bar screens, a combined wet pit-dry pit influent, RAS, and WAS lift station; an activated sludge aeration basin with anaerobic and anoxic chambers with recycle; biological and chemical nutrient removal facilities; dual clarifiers; dual sand filters; UV disinfection; outfall line and headwall; nonpotable water reuse holding ponds modifications and pump station and pressure tank facilities; an aerobic digester; sludge thickener; belt filter press facilities and building; operations, electrical, chlorine; alum buildings; emergency generators; related site work; and appurtenances.

The proposed construction will be integrated to work with the existing effluent reuse and beneficial land application of sludge facilities under the Burnet treatment permit and 210 reuse authorization.

Services Provided: USDA Funding Application, TWDB Funding Application, TCEQ Permit for Treatment, Discharge, and Sludge Application, LCRA Development Permit, USACE Permit, TCEQ Authorization for 210 Reuse, Preliminary Engineering Report, Environmental Report, Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase, and Start-up and Warranty Phase Services.