Water Tank Renovation and Painting Project

This project included renovating and painting the interior and exterior of both a 500,000-gallon potable water standpipe and a 500,000-gallon elevated potable water storage tank with sequencing to maintain water service requirements with installation of variable frequency drives on two existing 125 HP high service pumps.

Construction included removal of lighting, safety climbing, cathodic protection, and radio equipment; tank draining; installation and repair of standpipe appurtenances; elevated tank and standpipe surface preparation with containment; prime, intermediate, and top coating applications with logos and testing; replacement of lighting, safety climbing, cathodic protection, and radio equipment; and refilling and disinfection of the tanks prior to use. Standpipe appurtenances repaired and/or addressed by TCE included a roof hatch, manway, roof vent, drainpipe, puncture patch, ladders, safety cages, and roof railing.
These renovations and improvements to the standpipe and storage tank provided greater operational flexibility, system reliability, safety, and design life for Universal City.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering, Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase, Inspection, and Warranty Phase Services.

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