Bluffington No. 3 Lift Station Rehabilitation
Austin, Texas

The Bluffington No. 3 Lift Station Rehabilitation Project involved completely rehabilitating the existing lift station and bringing it into compliance with all city and state design criteria.

The project included construction of approximately 400 linear feet of concrete access driveway within a critical water quality zone. This driveway provided the only vehicle access to this remote site. Rehabilitation of the lift station included replacing all pumping units, electrical components, electrical controls, hatches and vents, and ventilation equipment. The wetwell was renovated by cleaning, sandblasting, and applying a new interior wet well coating system. The pumping units included two 350 gpm vertically mounted centrifugal sewage pumps. Dual sumps were provided in the dry well. All ferrous metals were sandblasted and repainted. A new natural gas-powered generator was incorporated at this site. Site work improvements included concrete driveway and parking, new decorative welded steel security fencing, and natural landscape design to meet City permitting and easement owner conditions.

The final design phase of this project is 95 percent complete and is awaiting easement acquisition by the City of Austin.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Considerations Report, Environmental Permitting (City and TCEQ), Final Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase, and Warranty Services.