Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
Burnet, Texas

Thonhoff Consulting Engineers prepared a Preliminary Engineering Report (Facility Plan) and Environmental Report in compliance with Texas Water Development Board funding guidelines which recommended wastewater treatment and collection improvements for the City of Burnet over a 20-year design period. The project encompassed the construction of a 1.7 MGD BNR WWTP to meet effluent criterion of 5 mg/l CBOD5, 5 mg/l TSS, 2 mg/l NH3-N, 6 mg/l TN, 0.5 mg/l P, 5.0 mg/l O2 and E. coli 126/100 ml. As a result of settlement agreements with the City of Austin and LCRA, Burnet agreed to a 0.15 mg/l P limitation. This effluent criterion is considered the most stringent discharge limitation in Texas.
Unit processes included mechanical screening (0.25”), biological nutrient removal (N and P), activated sludge, final clarification, chemical phosphorus removal, tertiary filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, cascade aeration, aerobic digestion, sludge thickening, belt filter press sludge dewatering, beneficial reuse of sludge, effluent discharge and effluent irrigation.
New buildings included the Operations Building, Main Lift Station, Chlorination Building, Polymer Pump Building, and Belt Filter Press Building. The project was constructed on a site utilizing approximately 10 acres.
The project was constructed as a brand new facility and utilized the existing 0.746 MGD WWTP for treatment during construction and then was decommissioned after new construction was completed.

Services Provided: All Basic and Additional Engineering Services; Preliminary Engineering & Environmental Report, Final Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase Services, and Post-Construction Services. TCE procured construction permitting from LCRA, TxDOT, USACE, and TCEQ.