Wastewater Treatment Plant Clarifier Drain Valve and Drive Rehabilitation Project
Harker Heights, Texas

The project provided for the rehabilitation of Clarifier No. 1 and No. 2 drain valves and installation of new valve vaults and appurtenances for future operation and maintenance of the valves. Modifications were made to the W.A.S. piping.

TCE replaced the Clarifier No. 3 drive unit with a new drive unit and control panel. Other improvements to Clarifier No. 3 included a new center access platform; airlift piping and valve modifications; hydraulic differential trough repairs; collector arm squeegee and tube repairs; bridge and collector assembly repairs; painting; balancing and leveling. A new safety kick plate was provided. TCE repaired and coated the Clarifier No. 3 non-rotating metal appurtenances and Aeration Basin No. 3 above and below surface metal components. Aeration piping between the blower building and aeration basins was also rehabilitated with installation of new gaskets to produce energy cost savings.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering Report; Design Documents, Bidding, Construction, and Inspection.