Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation and Upgrade

The Gonzales Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation and Upgrade project involved making improvements to increase the plant’s rated capacity from 1.5 mgd to 2.25 mgd and moving the discharge point from a small, sensitive creek to the more adaptable Guadalupe River. TCEQ applications were developed for Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits for both the capacity increase and the outfall relocation. A Corps of Engineers permit application obtained clearance to accommodate the proposed outfall move and activities at the river. Renovation efforts involved construction at the headworks, aeration basins, aerobic digester, thickener, sluice gates, and clarifiers. New construction involved a main lift station and associated yard piping; upgrade and renovation of the ultraviolet disinfection unit and RAS/WAS pump station; an emergency generator replacement; and approximately 560 linear feet of 24-inch effluent outfall and related connection, manholes, headwall, flapgate, stairs, landings, erosion control, and revegetation.

Services Provided: TCEQ Permits for Treatment and Discharge, Discharge Point Relocation, and Chloride Limitation Removal, Preliminary Engineering Reports, Environmental Reports, Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase, and Warranty Phase Services.