Wastewater Collection System Improvements
Harker Heights, Texas

This project consisted of a detailed infiltration and inflow study, an inventory of the existing wastewater collection system infrastructure, and the resulting collection system improvements to reduce infiltration and inflow. Existing wastewater flows were monitored using Manning meters located in manholes and hour meters on lift station pumps to record pump run times. The 40-year-old collection system lines and manholes were T.V. inspected and smoke tested to determine the condition of the system. The flow monitoring data, coupled with the infrastructure inventory, provided the basis for collection system improvements.

During the construction of the improvements, an innovative pipe replacement technique called pipe bursting was used to reduce the impact of gravity line construction on existing neighborhoods. This technique involved breaking up the existing sewer line while inserting a new sewer line of the same diameter in the place of the burst line. In addition, several brick manholes were coated to reduce leakage, and miscellaneous spot repairs were also completed. Constructed quantities included approximately 6,700 L.F. of gravity sewer line from 8 inches to 12 inches in diameter. The project involved easement acquisition and street reconstruction.

Services Provided: Infiltration and Inflow Study, Preliminary Engineering Report, Final Design Phase Services, Bid Phase Services, Construction Phase Services, and Warranty Phase Services.