Taylor Branch/Taylor Slough
Austin, Texas

The Taylor Branch/Taylor Slough project involved construction of three projects:
1) Complete renovation of the Taylor Slough Lift Station reducing lift station capacity to 2,400 gpm
2) Construction of a new 8-inch-diameter force main, 8,600 linear feet along Scenic Drive
3) Demolition of the Taylor Branch Lift Station and reversing flow by construction of a 24-inch-diameter tunnel 2,230 L.F. beneath Mayfield Park with a new shaft connection to the existing Cross Town Tunnel.

These three projects were bid separately and coordinated to relieve wastewater flow from downtown sewers. The projects involved intense environmental permitting, Karst mitigation, and public relations and communications.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering and Environmental Consideration Report, Geophysical Subsurface Imaging, Site Development Permitting through the General Permitting Office, Final Design Phase Services, Bid Phase Services, and Construction Phase Services including Resident Project Representation.