Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements and Expansion
Taylor, Texas

This project entailed new construction and renovation to increase the plant’s rated capacity from 2.75 mgd to 4.0 mgd with nitrification. Unit processes included coarse screening, fine screening, conventional aeration with anoxic zone, final clarification, and ultraviolet disinfection. Sludge processing included aerobic digestion with carrousel aeration, gravity sludge thickening, belt filter press sludge dewatering, and land application of sludge for beneficial reuse. Pump stations included a new 10 mgd main lift station, renovation of the existing lift station into a 2,800 gpm return sludge pump station, a 200 gpm waste sludge pump station, a 200 gpm thickened sludge pump station, and a 200 gpm non-potable water pump station. New concrete driveways were part of the site plan improvements. The project treats wastewater to meet 10:15:3 effluent criteria.

Services Provided: Initial Report, Preliminary Engineering, Environmental Permitting, Final Design Phase, Bid Phase, Construction Phase and Warranty Assistance Phase.