Wastewater Lift Stations Relief and Rehabilitation
Austin, Texas

The project involved improvements, renovations or replacement of four City of Austin lift stations.

The Westpark Lift Station was replaced by a new dry pit lift station of 200 gpm capacity.
The Taylor Branch Lift Station was relieved by a new 18"-24" sewer tunnel connecting to the Crosstown Tunnel.
The Taylor Slough Lift Station was renovated to 2,400 gpm peak capacity and 350 gpm ADF capacity and its force main was rerouted to the Taylor Branch interceptor. The Bluffington Nos. 2, 3, and 4 Lift Station Improvements project is 90% complete in the final design phase. Its current design will add ease of access, bypass pumping capability, and emergency power.

Services Provided: Preliminary Engineering, Environmental Permitting, Final Design Bid, Construction, and Warranty Phases.